Data Protection in Brief

Answers to your data protection questions:

1 Why do you collect so much information and what do you do with it?

To enable the members of Metropolitan to provide its services to you we will need to handle personal information about you. No matter how this personal information is collected, processed or stored, it will be handled appropriately to ensure Metropolitan meets its legal obligation to comply with the eight principles of the Data Protection Act 1998. Please read more in our Privacy Notice.

2 Who can request information under the Data Protection Act?

The Data Protection Act 1998 gives you the right to apply for a copy of information about yourself. You may appoint someone to apply on your behalf, for example your parent or a solicitor.

3 What information can I ask for?

You can ask to see any personal information that we hold about you. Please make sure you describe the information you want clearly and in sufficient detail to help us to find it.

If we cannot find what you have requested based on the details you give us, we may come back to you for clarification.

4 How do I make a request?

Your request is called a ‘Subject Access Request ‘ and must be made in writing. Your request must include:

Alternatively, you can complete an application form. Download a Data Subject Access Request Form.

You can send your request either by post or email to:

Jacquie Elliott
Data Privacy & Information Lead
Tel: 020 3535 4126
Email : [email protected]

5. What happens when I make a request?

Once your request and fee has been received, we will find the information and review it to establish that you are entitled to it.

This is because the law provides a number of exemptions to releasing certain information, for example information that identifies other people will not be released, unless they have given their permission.

6. How long does it take?

When we receive a request for information we will process it as quickly as possible as long as you have provided satisfactory documentation and your payment has cleared. Legally we must respond within 40 calendar days, although in exceptional circumstances we may ask your permission to extend this period.

7. How much does it cost?

We charge the standard administration fee of £10 for all Subject Access Requests. You can pay by: cash, a personal cheque, banker’s draft, building society cheque or postal order (made payable to Metropolitan Housing Trust Ltd).

8. What proof of identification and residence do I need to supply?

Applicants will need to supply at least one form of identification and one form of proof of residence.

We reserve the right to request further proof of identification and original documents.

Please note, if you are requesting access to third party information you must provide proof that you are entitled to access this information using one or more of the following:

With regard to proof of father’s parental responsibility, if the child is born after 1 December 2003 and the father is named on the birth certificate, you can provide a copy of the child’s birth certificate. For children born before 1 December 2003 evidence of parental responsibility can be demonstrated by a marriage certificate to the mother of the child, Parental Responsibility Order or Parental Responsibility Agreement.

9. What happens if some or my entire request is refused?

We are permitted to withhold information if it falls under one of the exemptions in the Act.

10. How many requests can I make?

There is not a specific limit on the number of requests. However, we are not obliged to respond to vexatious or repeated requests.

11. What if I think I have not been given all of the information I asked for?

You can complain to:

Company Secretary
PO Box 10262
Nottingham NG8 9LE

Data Protection Registration

Notification under the Data Protection Act 1998 is a statutory requirement. Every organisation that processes personal information must notify the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), unless they are exempt. Failure to notify is a criminal offence.

Metropolitan’s current valid Registrations can be viewed below: